Under Crown Line Group, PT. Cahaya Lintas Cemerlang is a well-known advertising company amongst the Japanese community in Indonesia. Established in Indonesia since 1996 with the famous media, Hello Indonesia Telephone Directory; Published & Distribute in nine countries: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Vietnam and Indonesia in Japanese Language.

Since 2004, we are also published THE ONLY Japanese Magazine in Indonesia. Write about entertainment & lifestyle, Indonesian history, culture, social matters, etc, called SARASA. Published every month as a Fee Magazine.

In Indonesia recently there are around 1,000 Japanese companies, 15,000 KITAS holder and around 12,000 KITAS holder lived in Jabotabek area. Their level is B to A+ level.

We would like to introduce you our best products & services:

    The Only Japanese Phone Directory & Living Information Guide
    The Only Japanese Monthly Entertainment & Lifestyles
    Free Magazine in Jakarta.
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